Why do we have to register to receive a quote?

Items that have relatively stable pricing or are not made to order have online pricing. Since Industrial Hardware wishes to remain competitive in the economic environment, many quotes are processed manually by our staff and vendors. By registering to receive a quote, we reduce indiscriminate use of our efforts to provide the very best quality service.

Does Industrial Hardware export and what is the minimum order for export?

Absolutely! Our minimum export order value is US$250 to Canada or Mexico and US$1000 elsewhere.

How are exports transacted?

Industrial Hardware only accepts overseas orders which are paid for in advance of shipment by an irrevocable form of payment such as wire transfer or cash transfer. If you have a preferred method that is not noted here, please advise us and we will do our best to accommodate you needs.

Does Industrial Hardware restrict its export sales?

We will export to any country and company that is not subject to U.S. government trade sanctions, which are typically entities that support terrorism or has violated U.S. export restrictions. Please refer to www.industrialhardware.com/about-our-site.html to view other restrictions that may prevent us from selling you.

How do we order from Industrial Hardware for export to our country?

  • Please send us a request for quote using either our website or conventional e-mail. When requesting a quote, please advise whether you have a preferred carrier.
  • We will reply with price, lead-time to ship, essentially C.I.F.-Destination less taxes, duties or accessorial charges. Our quote will act as a pro-forma invoice.
  • Upon acceptance of our quote, which means that you have issued us a purchase order along with a completed copy of the Statement of End Use www.bis.doc.gov/licensing/bis711.pdf,
  • Once we have reviewed your PO and Statement of End Use and determine that we are in agreement with your requirements and in compliance with U.S. export regulation www.bis.doc.gov/complianceandenforcement/liststocheck.htm , we will send you wire transfer information.
  • Upon receipt of funds, we will acknowledge receipt to you and immediately begin to process your order. We will also advise you on the day it is shipped with the tracking information.

How can I keep track of my quote requests?

Every quote request provides for the user to reference a Job Name or Requisition Number.

How do I order from Industrial Hardware if I am tax exempt?

During registration or anytime thereafter, any company can request tax exemption by uploading its tax exemption certificate.

Can we have multiple tax exempt jobs which require multiple certificates?

Absolutely! Our tax exemption module was designed to accept multiple forms with termination dates that differ according to exemption type. For construction, we have created a field that permits orders to be managed by Job Name in the shopping cart, so any number of jobs may be managed simultaneously. When a job is completed, the field may be hidden from view to avoid distraction.

Can I order for multiple Jobs on one order?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer you line item management of these orders.

I am an out of state contractor doing work in New Jersey and have to pay Sales Tax, how does that work?

In New Jersey, where we are based, Sales Tax is determined by where possession is tranferred regardless of the billing address. If you receive merchandise in New Jersey without a valid Tax exemption on file, you will be charged Sales Tax.

My business is located in an Urban Enterprise Zone and is entitled to Tax Exemption. Can I still use the website?

Yes. You can upload your form online and request exemption.

I want to save the freight and time is also critical. Can I pick up from the manufacturer?

If we are not private labeling the product that you are purchasing and there is a facility near you, you can select “other carriers” in the shipping options of the shopping cart and pickup at the manufacturers facility. There is a caveat, if we ship from New Jersey, you may be exempt from paying Sales Tax but a pickup in the manufacturers State may nullify that exemption and then we have to charge tax based upon that States Sales Tax code unless you provide a valid exemption certificate.

Can I pick up at Industrial Hardware in Paterson, New Jersey?

Yes, we encourage you to do so, especially if your purchase is taxable since we are located in an Urban Enterprise Zone. This means that you will save 50% of the current State Sales Tax rate by picking up at our facililty.

I am registered to receive a tax exemption for my purchases however; some of my purchases are non-exempt and should be taxed. How do I to pay the tax?

On the last page of the shopping cart, you are able to override any certificate exemption and pay the tax for non-exempt purchases.

How do I keep track of my Tax Exemption Expiration dates?

No problem. We will send you an advisory that your certificate is about to expire 1 month before it does. You can update your certificate so there is no loss of continuity in your exempt status

Can anyone claim Tax Exemption status?

Yes, anyone can try but we manually review every certificate to be assured that we are in compliance with New Jersey State Tax regulations.