SwiftSert Thin Wall

SwiftSert Thin Wall inserts offer the advantages of(Solid Wall) Standard Wall threaded inserts while using a hole size virtually the same as SwiftSert inserts.

Ideal for applications where thread insert size and weight are an issue, Thin Wall threaded inserts pack all the traditional (Solid Wall) advantages into a smaller diameter design. Available with internal thread sizes from #10 to 1/2 and M4 to M12, (Solid Wall) Thin Wall threaded inserts install with standard tools.

SwiftSert (Solid Wall) Thin Wall solid threaded inserts use a modified external thread to reduce the hole diameter needed to achieve the desired internal thread size. To achieve this size reduction, these inserts have an oversized minor diameter on the OD thread. This provides sufficient wall thickness to maintain insert integrity, but does necessitate the use of a drill that is larger than typically used with the corresponding tap.

For example, a Standard Wall insert with a 5/8-11 external thread (7/16-14 ID) requires the use of a 17/32 drill. A Thin Wall insert with a 5/8-11 external thread (1/2-13 ID) requires the use of a 37/64 drill.

SwiftSert (Solid Wall) Thin Wall inserts are self-locking. Immediately upon installation, pre-applied LOCTITE™ on the external threads begins to set and the newly installed insert is fastener ready in minutes. At full cure (72 hours), the Loctite™ seals against liquids and gases to pressures of 6,000 psi.

SwiftSert Thin Wall Inserts


  • Ideal for applications where hole size is an issue
  • All the advantages of the standard threaded inserts in a smaller overall diameter
  • Use standard tools for installation
  • Self-locking – preapplied LOCTITE™ adhesive activates on installation
  • Vibration Resistant: adhesive secures the insert in place so it won’t back out
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