Press-Fit Threaded Inserts-Flanged-Top Slot

Press-Fit Threaded Inserts-Flanged-Bottom Slot are threaded inserts designed for post-molding installation in either thermoset plastics or thermoplastics. A slotted design with diamond-knurled OD allows for “cold” installation. Cold installation of threaded inserts reduces the cost of moldings and eliminates the need to “chase” threads after molding. Our Press-Fit inserts are available in three styles: flush, flanged, and reverse slot. All three types press into place for fast, easy installation. Anything from a rubber mallet to an arbor press can be used for installation.

Press-Fit Threaded Inserts-Flush


  • Install cold
  • Reduce the cost of moldings
  • Cut reject waste caused by misaligned and faulty inserts
  • Eliminate the need to “chase” threads after molding
  • Install properly without a precise hole depth
  • Install properly without a precise hole depth
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