Custom Hydraulic Electrical Tool

A customer came to us recently approached us with a problem. Over the years, we sold his company several H.K. Porter W1770TN Hydraulic cutters to demo 275-gallon tanks

Then, unexpectedly, H.K. Porter discontinued the tool and all replacement parts. The old buyer had since left, and a new buyer did not know where to purchase replacement parts.

So, the new buyer tried several other brand cutters from others but was dissatisfied with their service and tool reliability. Still looking for another source for replacement parts, he randomly located us through our website. We advised him that we had sold them the tools but unfortunately, could not supply those replacement parts. We offered to build him a new tool.

The old H.K. Porter tool cycled (cut) once every 7 seconds. It was slow but reliable. As you can see from the 10 second video below, our new tool made 3 cuts in 6 seconds, a 350% increase in the demolition rate. We provided speed, reliability and replacement parts

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